Select-Object With Calculated Properties In PowerShell.

When selecting properties using Select-Object, sometimes we may need to fetch the values in a more meaningful and understandable format, and in some cases, conditional output may be needed to get the precise output, you can achieve the same by using the expressions directly in the same select statement or using splatting…

# Get the total memory in GB from the local computer using the calculated property with Select-Object
Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem | Select-Object -Property PSComputerName, `
@{Name = 'Memory in GB'; Expression = {[Math]::Round($_.TotalVisibleMemorySize/1MB)}}

<# Output
PSComputerName Memory in GB
-------------- ------------
Workstation               8

# Get the services where the names are starting with App, and display IsRunning with Yes/No using the calculated property
$IsRunning = @{
    Label = "IsRunning"
    Expression = {
        if($_.Status -eq 'Running') { "Yes" }
        else { "No" }
Get-Service -Name App* | Select-Object -Property Name, DisplayName, $IsRunning

<# Output
Name         DisplayName                       IsRunning
----         -----------                       ---------
AppIDSvc     Application Identity              No
Appinfo      Application Information           Yes
AppMgmt      Application Management            No
AppReadiness App Readiness                     No
AppVClient   Microsoft App-V Client            No
AppXSvc      AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC) No

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