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Are you under an impression that you should be skilled in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a website or a blog, and want to create a website/blog of your own, and because of that perception you are not able to create one, and also wondering about the other overheads such as hosting platform, security, domain mapping and etc.?

In this session I will be covering how to build a static website using Hugo static website generator, and publish it on Azure.

This session includes…

  • Introduction
  • What is a Static Website?
  • Why Static Website?
  • Static Website providers
  • Build a static website with Hugo
    • What is Hugo?
    • Install Hugo
    • Create a new site
    • Add a theme
    • Adding content
    • Testing the site in the localhost
    • Site Configuration
    • Theme customization
    • Build the site
  • Publish the site on Azure



Last modified: 30 October 2020

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